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Zombie games

On www.f20nh.cn you'll find the best collection of Zombie games! You'll find no less than 247 different Zombie games, such as Angry Birds vs Zombies & Zombie Tactics.?

广东26选5软件 www.f20nh.cn Zombie games are a really popular gaming genre. In these games, you are often pursued by the living dead and must use all kinds of weapons to kill them for good. Since zombies are reanimated corpses, they are hard to kill. Even if you chop off their legs they will keep crawling toward you, trying to grab you and eat your brain! Shoot them in the head with your arrows, crossbow bolts, or bullets, or try to run them over with your car. You must escape the infested zone! Will you be able to make it out alive?

Zombie stories are derived from African and Caribean folklore. In the traditional zombie legends, zombies were often created by the dark magic of an evil sorcerer who enslaved people by bringing them back from the dead. The zombie worked tirelessly for the sorcerer, without a will of its own and without regard for its own body. Ordained voodoo priests and priestesses could counter the magic of the evil sorcerer and restore the balance between the spirits and the living.

Most zombie games feature various modern adaptations of zombie folklore, with zombies becoming the result of a deadly virus that morphs the body into something gruesome and corpse-like, or a terrible science experiment gone wrong. Zombies became a famous and popular modern Western media trope through George A. Romero's black-and-white movie Night of the Living Dead, in which radioactive contamination raises the dead and causes them to hunger for human flesh. In this movie, the legend of the headshot is born: a bullet to the head is the only sure and efficient way to kill the undead! Zombie games usually also take place in a post-apocalyptic world, because zombies represent cultural fears about conformity, consumerism, and the end of humanity. While traditional zombies looked more like soulless, hollow people, the modern zombie is far more gory, covered in gruesome wounds or dragging themselves along despite spilling entrails and severed limbs.

Will you cling to life in these gory survival horror games? Find weapons, build up your barricades, and score as many headshots as possible! During the day you might be able to rebuild and scavenge for food and supplies, at night the zombie horde - increasingly aware of your location - will come creeping in, looking to eat your brains and turn you into one of them! Can you survive the end of the world in these thrilling zombie games? Play them all for free at FunnyGames!


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